Magnus CARLSEN: “Shamkir has an outstanding place in my career”

The games of eighth round of “Shamkir Chess 2019” in the memory of Vugar Hashimov were held. In the centerpiece of the game, defeating the Russian representative Sergey Kariakin, the World Champion Magnus Carlsen assured his victory in the tournament. The World Champion Magnus Carlsen answered the questions of journalists after the game.

- Congratulations on your triumph. You have assured the victory by winning beforehand…

- Thank you for the congrats. The game against Sergey Kariakin was very interesting. He made a risk, flighted explicitly. Kariakin had an obvious desire to win. This victory made me be the finalist of the tournament. Firstly, he did not make an accurate move, and then he lost the time control. As he had little time, the situation went worse. It is very wonderful to win beforehand.

- Which game was the most memorable in “Shamkir Chess 2019”?

- The game against Giri in the seventh round was very interesting. At the same time, I would note the game against Kariakin. Sometimes, the result is fine, but the quality of the game is not good enough. However, both of them were spectacular. Generally, most of my opponents did not make any risk. Therefore, Sergey Kariakin played for the triumph in the decisive game.

- What do you remember first when you hear the name of Shamkir?

- Shamkir is a quiet place. Therefore, playing chess here always creates a good impression. Certainly, it reminds me chess first. I have been a champion  four times in this tournament. It has an outstanding role in my chess career. I see most of the people in every year in Shamkir. When I hear Shamkir, I remember the chess family working here. I am glad to your huge attention on me.

- You are the winner of “Shamkir Chess 2019”, could you please tell us the secret of this triumph?

- The secret of success? There is no any secret. I was successful in few games only. The rest games, I have tried to fight well. The organization of Vugar Hashimov Memorial is in high level. The organizers have thought about every singly detail. They have created a perfect atmosphere to play chess. Sometimes, you try to fix minor things related to the organization. However, here I only think about playing chess. It is always a pleasure to come to Shamkir.

- You were the winner of “Shamkir Chess 2014” Super-tournament for the first time. What is the difference between Magnus five years ago and now?

- It is a very interesting question. Five years ago, my rating was different. I was approaching very elegantly to chess. Nowadays, me team is more experienced. While maintaining the championship, I always think about working hard. Five years ago, I was thinking about winning for the first time. Currently, I try to maintain my title. Probably, Magnus has changed a bit.

- You are being offered from different tournaments in the end of a year. Will you accept the offer from Shamkir more quickly ?

- It is very nice to play in Shamkir. People here are very hospitable. They approach me with a high respect. I will always try to accept the offer from Shamkir.

- You were very furious in the football match on the free day. What was the reason of it?

- First and furthermost, I would like to express my apology for not curbing my anger. I do not like losing. We had a bit difficulty in scoring a goal. Therefore, I was angry. Normally, playing such tough in the indoor football is not acceptable. Some players were competing very tough. When it comes to the referee, he had a difficulty in deciding. There was a rude act against our team member, but the referee did not make anything. However, all in all, the football match was very interesting.

- In the Championship game, your results with Fabiano Caruana and Sergey Kariakin were a draw. You happened to win the game only in the tie-break. What was the reason of this difficulty against them?

- We met both of them in the tie-breaks. In the tournament, it is possible to make a risk. However, if you play for the Chess Crown, having a risk is not reasonable thing. Opponents are always playing implicitly. In this case, it is difficult to play for the triumph. You cannot get any dominance in the game. Usually, I always try to win till the tie-breaks.

- Nobody can get your triumph as a World Champion. Can we say that we live in the era of Magnus Carlsen?

- (He laughs) You may say. However, I try very hard to maintain my title. All of my team work hard.

- The Vugar Hashimov Academy functions in Baku. Children preparing in that academy would like to meet you. Do you have any plan to visit the academy when you go to Baku?

- Currently, I do not have any time. Nevertheless, I think about visiting the Vugar Hashimov Academy. I will definitely visit there when I am in Baku.

- The is a change in your favorite football club “Real Madrid”. Ronaldo has gone, and Zidan returned back to the club. We would like to know your attitude in this matter?

- Comeback of Zidan to Real Madrid is a good news. All people are happy in his return. However, Ronaldo’s leaving is not pleasant I would say. It is very difficult to understand this decision.  

Press Service of “Shamkir Chess 2019”