Shahriyar Mammadyarov: “I crave for the victory”

The seventh round of “Shamkir Chess 2019” Super-tournament in the memory of Vugar Hashimov ended up. Playing a draw with the Chinese grandmaster Ding Liren, the Azerbaijani representative Shahriyar Mammadyarov talked about his game in the press conference of the current round: “We have always had different views with Ding. We have always thought distinct about the game. I was in a difficult situation again, and finding the escaping way was not easy for me. Probably, he will not agree with me in this time as well”.

Generally, I feel difficulty in recovering myself after the game against Anand. I believe that Anish Giri and me could not recover ourselves after the game against him. We are both in the last places of the tournament table. I think that, I had one of the best games of my live against Vishwanatan. Nevertheless, the final loss was very disappointing for me. Although, I had a chance to make a draw in the 40th move, I turned to be in the complicated situation. I try to win in the last rounds. However, I am not able to succeed what I want precisely. The game against Topalov was not good as well.

I believe that I performed worse than this one in the first tournament of the memorial of Vugar Hashimov. If I do not make any mistake, I lost five games, and won only once in that tournament. Currently, I crave for the triumph. My main goal is not to leave the tournament without any victory in the last rounds. I know that I do not have any chance to be the winner. Unfortunately, I am too far from the leader in the last two rounds”.

The Press Service of "Shamkir Chess 2019"