Rauf Mammadov: "Due to Topalov, I did not watch football"

In the sixth round of the ShamkirChess 2018 Super Tournament, the Azerbaijani grand master Rauf Mammadov played a draw with the former World Champion Veselin Topalov.

The Press Service of the Tournament reports that, Rauf Mammadov drew the attraction of public with his interesting interpretation after the game: “Veselin Toplav is one of the strongest grand masters in the World. I have faced with Topalov for the first time during my career behind the chess board. Since this round, we have not been opponent even in the Blitz. I spent my free day with preparing against Toplaov. I did not play football with the grand masters, even I did not watch the Champions League in the evening. I was trying not to make any mistake while remembering his games. The party in Shamkir reminded of the game against Leko at the Dortmund Tournament. I was thinking that, when he gets the chance, we will checkmate me. I believe that the draw is normal. I am the last in the rating table in Shamkir, thus, I try to perform well in all the games”.

The Bulgarian representative Veselin Topalov said that Rauf Mammadov was balancing the situation properly: “I felt a precedence after the debut. Yet, I could not develop it. Therefore, already, several moves were being repeated. Maybe, I could not find the right moves. Overall, after six rounds, I am satisfied with my performance. As you know, it has been a long time that I have not played a slow chess. Even, I have not prepared for the classic chess. Therefore, some successive results were somehow surprise for me at the Shamkir Tournament. I have not thought that I would be in the first place after six rounds. The next three rounds will be very decisive. If I like to hit the game with a victory, I should be very attentive”.

Press Service of the ShamkirChess 2018 Tournament