Rauf Mammadov: "It will not be right to accept the draw as a victory over Magnus"

Rauf Mammadov: “It will not be right to accept the draw as a victory over Magnus” The Azerbaijani grand master Rauf Mammadov played draw with the World Champion Magnus Carlsen in the third round of the ShamkirChess 2018 Super Tournament. The Press Service of the ShamkirChess 2018 Super Tournament reports that, not accepting the result, the Norwegian grand master did not attend at the traditional press conference. After the party, Rauf Mammadov answered to the questions of the official website of the contest.

- Rauf why are you alone in the press conference?

- Ask this question from Magnus. Certainly, is disagree with the result. I think it is normal. Magnus is the World Champion and first in the FIDE rating. However, I am in the last place of the Shamkir Tournament. Till today I have been defeated by him for many times. It is normal to lose the game against Magnus. He is the World Champion and he is stronger than me.

- He did not attend at the press conference. Perhaps, he does not agree with result?

- It is his business. It does not matter for me. If Magnus comes to the press conference or not. It is his decision. Everyone is responsible of their own acts.

- After the debut, it seemed that the situation was not in favor of you.

- I was playing more carefully. I played several moves quickly. Then I thought – I should make a decision whether to play slow or principal. I chose the later. I played carefully, yet principal. However, in a moment, I forgot moves. Magnus equalized the situation, even he got a minor advantage over me.

- If someone told you before the game that there will be a draw, would you agree?

- There are three possible results in the Chess. Victory, Failure and a Draw. I try to get a good result in all the games. It is a very enjoyable to perform in this kind of strong staff. Usually, I play in the Open tournaments. I have played few times in the Super Tournaments. Therefore, I try to rise my rating up. I appreciate all people who support me. After having a game with Magnus, my friends wished me good luck, I got a lot of calls. It is very pleasant to see this kind of attention and care from public. I do not play against the World Champion every day. Therefore, I really like the ShamkirChess Tournament. I will do my best to play well in the upcoming 6 rounds.

- Before the Tournaments started, you have said to the official website of the Tournament that, we will see the “different” Rauf in Shamkir. What did you mean?

-There is a difference between previous years and this year about Rauf. I have said that, you will see another Rauf in Shamkir. Because, I have lost some weight. Almost 23 kilograms, I have lost.

- Till today, you have lost in the slow and blitz kinds of chess to Magnus. This year, a draw was scored. Is it correct to accept this result as a victory?

- It is first time that, I played draw with Magnus. The draw means equality. It is not true to accept this result as a victory. Victory is a completely different thing.

Press Service of the ShamkirChess 2018 Tournament